Site Policy / Privacy / Money Back

Site Policy

* That after sending any request to us, you agree to the terms of the description in full, whether you read it or not.

* We have the right to modify the description at any time possible without prior notice, so you must always read the description.

privacy policy

*Your personal information is very important. We take your privacy very seriously and will always work to protect your information.

*Any personal information received will only be used to fill out your order and all information is encrypted and kept on secure servers.

Money Back Policy

*Any amount paid with the customer’s satisfaction will not be refunded, and if there is a problem with payment, the compensation will be made with a balance on the site only.

* In the event that a dispute is opened against us with the aim of fraud, your account will be banned forever and all services received from our site will be terminated.* We have evidence to prove that the customer has taken all his rights from the site and we use this evidence for people trying to defraud.These policies are subject to change at any time without notice